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This two-day workshop will explore how to make training effective from the trainer’s perspective. Trainers can expect to learn essential tips on how to plan, run and review training sessions for both soft skills and technical programs…(Read More)

Not every student learns best in the same way. This workshop takes that general principle and makes it specific. Using Harvard professor Howard Gardner’s concept of Multiple Intelligences, we show you how to get through to your students through their Linguistic, Logical, Spatial, Body, Musical, Interpersonal, and Intrapersonal intelligences…(Read More)

This two-day workshop is designed to form part of your preparation. Know what to expect from IELTS, and gain a host of vital exam tips and insights. Academic students of English need vocabulary and grammatical accuracy, as well as solid listening and speaking skills. Mango’s workshops are designed to get students through examinations…(Read More)

Studies show that English Language Proficiency and Soft Skills are the most sought after skills for graduates. Mango are working with young Malaysian graduates under the SL1M program to deliver the best soft skills and language training. If your organisation is running SL1M, Mango can provide the training to engage and motivate your SL1M trainees…(Read More)