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Find out how you can make your speaker stand out by using some of the expert techniques others speechwriters use. Find out how you can add linguistic devices and techniques to build rapport with your audience…(Read More)

Maximise your personal impact and represent your organisation effectively. This two day workshop covers the skills executives need to communicate professionally inside and outside of the workplace. Developing a Communication Plan Find out how to plan comprehensively before you communicate. Analyse the purpose of communication before you explore who you are communicating with. Examine different…(Read More)

Many managers are promoted because of their operational excellence, not their ability to lead. This course not only exposes participants to the most recent thinking in leadership, but also embraces the more recent thinking on proactive followership…(Read More)

Cultural Intelligence or CQ, is a new set of skills that picks up where EQ left off. Quickly pick up new Leadership and Management skills, with an appreciation of where cultures actually collide by examining a simple four step model that includes recognised methodologies for becoming more adept at managing across cultures…(Read More)

This workshop covers the essential models and tools which support analysis and objective setting. It also deals with strategies for improving implementation and commitment. Develop effective strategies for your business, and get them implemented…(Read More)