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Understanding how individual needs affect team dynamics is one of the key skills of management and leadership. This workshop will help you grasp the root causes of difficult behaviour at work, and equip you with effective techniques for dealing with it…(Read More)

Can you generate fresh solutions to problems and challenges? Nowadays, any organisation which wants to be successful has to have creative thinkers. We can all learn to be a little more creative. This fun workshop will activate every part of your brain…(Read More)

This workshop covers the essential models and tools which support analysis and objective setting. It also deals with strategies for improving implementation and commitment. Develop effective strategies for your business, and get them implemented…(Read More)

Time is our most precious resource and successful people are experts at managing it. This workshop will help you prioritise tasks and transform from being reactive to proactive. It will also enable you to deal more effectively with unexpected events whilst staying focused on long term goals…(Read More)