Mango Training's director is one of Malaysia's top language and soft skills trainers, well known for his training expertise and commitment to all-round communications excellence.

Over the last seven years he has inspired Malaysian business and industry at all levels of the workforce. Whether coaching company directors or delivering transformational programmes for frontline staff, his vast experience is matched by his famously infectious positivity.

His clients include Air Asia, Astro, Petronas, Shell, the Ministries of Education and Foreign Affairs and many others.

Mark brings a unique skill set to the Malaysian training industry.

His twin educational background has been equal parts psychology and organizational development and he combined these two paths with a Master’s degree in Organisational Psychology from the London School of Economics.

Couple this unique education with a natural talent for empathy, optimism and general good humour, and you have a trainer who has been described as perfectly suited for corporate training in Malaysia.

Mark's specific expertise is in leadership, communications, social psychology and counselling, and he brings this knowledge to bear in every training session.

In her 8 years of teaching and training, Fariha has been a module developer for various courses, a youth trainer, a teacher trainer and an English Lecturer. Fariha is experienced in delivering training on motivation, memory techniques, study skills, leadership skills and communication skills which she has delivered in Malaysia, Singapore and the Philippines.

Fariha is known for being fun, energetic and results oriented in her training.

Clients are able to relate to her training style as she is versatile, engaging and uses creative training methodologies that are not only learner-oriented but also motivate learners to achieve greater heights in their personal and professional lives.

Fariha believes that each individual is unique and has the ability to succeed with the right guidance. She also constantly inspires her participants to achieve their fullest potential by sharing her own valuable experience and knowledge.

Nadzrin is passionate about bringing people together through synchronizing relationships. He loves Malaysian culture and martial arts and incorporates their thinking and strategies into his training methods for a deeper local context.

His impactful and highly engaging learning facilitation style is informed by his understanding of how people learn and how they interact with each other socially and emotionally.

He has delivered learning programs to learners from organisations as varied as Accenture, Petronas, BHP Billiton as well as Malaysian ministries such as KPDNKK, KBS, and KEKKWA.

Nadzrin's life philosophy is summed up by the alien sage Yoda, who said, "Do, or do not. There is no try."

Brian has delivered training and coaching at the highest level in Malaysia and has an exceptional background in delivering leadership, marketing and cultural intelligence.

He was previously the dean of the business school at INTI. Brian has also been lead lecturer on the Chartered HR CIPD program, the highest level HR qualification in Malaysia. He also represents CIPD in Academic QA matters in Asia.

Clients find his training style to be highly empathetic and engaging. Brian is a proponent of critical thinking and encourages his participants to challenge previously accepted notions.

Larson Moth is a former United Nations, Asian Development Bank and Asian Institute of Finance communications consultant.

He has trained UN communications staff in the field and conducted learner-centered corporate training for the Attorney General’s Chamber of Malaysia, Petronas, Technip, Al-Rajhi Bank and many more. He is a City and Guilds UK approved training provider and holds a Masters Degree in Applied Linguistics.

Mark Stradling brings 30 years of global business and training experience to Mango. 

He has lived in South East Asia for 25 years and he specialises in delivering high impact presentation skills and sales workshops. 

With so much resting on effective communication in today's competitive global business environment, Mark's training programs deliver humour, hope, enthusiasm and solutions for today's business professional. He draws upon his vast experience to demonstrate how the business world has changed, and the increasing importance of communicating well.