Maximise your personal impact and represent your organisation effectively.

This two day workshop covers the skills executives need to communicate professionally inside and outside of the workplace.

Developing a Communication Plan

Find out how to plan comprehensively before you communicate. Analyse the purpose of communication before you explore who you are communicating with. Examine different communication styles and how you can adapt your own to achieve maximum results from every interaction. Discover when the best time to communicate is and how you can build rapport with bosses, colleagues and subordinates for lasting success.

Communication Barriers

Learn how to overcome communication barriers such as culture or personality. Modify your communication strategy and unleash the power of assertive communication. Find out how you can communicate directly and indirectly as well as how to avoid prejudice and being defensive. Explore how you can use the power of empathy to reconnect with ‘difficult’ individuals in your organisation.

Persuade in Every Context

Discover how you can persuade people by connecting through emotions like greed and pride. Learn about the four keys to persuasion and how you can use these to convince even the most skeptical audience. Learn to communicate your ideas with passion and connect to the “Why” of your message.